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    While other companies don’t have the ability to execute project-based work or provide subject matter expertise in User Experience, we specialize in it. When you need to make lasting changes to your platforms, systems, or design thinking culture we can help create complete experiences that drive the success of your business.

    The best reason to choose 3Ci? We’re subject matter experts and know what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful UX projects. By staying apart of the community and keeping up with trends and changes in the, you can rest easy when you partner with us.  

    We take pride in focusing on the elements that will make the largest difference in your business’s bottom line, and help you create measurable results.  We follow design thinking in all that we do and can help your organization understand the value of user centered design with a customized approach based on your company’s UX maturity level.  

    No matter the size or length of the project, we can help. Your organization may have the right strategy but lacking the right players, or vice versa.  Regardless of the situation we will drill down to the root of your organization’s problems through research and empathy.  From there we’ll balance user/business goals to help create the best solution for you. As we generate success, we’ll help you to evangelize that back to the business, leadership and to the outside market.