AUGUSTA, GA (August 9, 2022) – MAU, Inc. has acquired Doozer Software’s project services and staffing division— strengthening MAU’s capabilities by adding the Birmingham-based company’s expertise in software development. Doozer will join MAU’s technology solutions division, 3Ci. As a family-centered organization, MAU is excited to add Doozer, whose values and culture closely align with MAU’s.

MAU CEO Randall W. Hatcher said: “The acquisition of Doozer opens up new avenues of growth for both companies to leverage our combined 65 years in business. Doozer and 3Ci’s growing Software Development Solutions Practices will bolster the combined services for software development, database/business intelligence consulting, and IT staffing. This creates amazing opportunities for us to broaden our current offerings to better serve our clients nationwide.”

Leaders at MAU, 3Ci, and Doozer see numerous alignment opportunities because the companies share similar cultures grounded in faith, volunteerism, community, and making the lives better of everyone they serve. The uniting of the companies affirms 3Ci as a premier technology partner in the Southeast and strengthens the strategic foundation for 3Ci’s continued expansion across the U.S. and in markets worldwide.

“The vision of MAU is to make lives better. Today, we continue to deliver on this vision by expanding our expertise in the technology services sector, working with a group of amazing clients, employees, and consultants at Doozer,” Hatcher said.

Doozer joining MAU gives the organization 23 locations across the nation with employees and consultants working around the world.

Ron Perkins, Vice President of Doozer, said his team is excited about the possibilities this partnership presents because it opens new geographic markets in the tech sector.

“We have focused on providing tech solutions in the Alabama region, and this new venture allows Doozer to grow quickly into booming tech markets where MAU and 3Ci are currently located and in targeted markets across the world,” he said. “In addition, MAU is a certified minority business enterprise, which will help us create new opportunities and better serve our clients.”

Rob MacLane, President of 3Ci, MAU’s technology solutions division, said acquiring Doozer is part of a larger strategy to create a company that will continue to get stronger in the technology services sector while maintaining its family-owned business values.

“There is a synergy between 3Ci and Doozer coming together,” MacLane said. “This is almost a perfect alignment of work, values, and culture.”

About MAU, Inc.:
MAU is a family-owned and privately held company dedicated to making lives better. The company is comprised of two unique divisions, one focused on providing solutions to the manufacturing/supply chain industries and the other providing technology solutions across many industry verticals. MAU is the eighth-largest privately held business in Georgia and is a certified minority business enterprise. For more information, visit

About 3Ci:
Headquartered in Atlanta since 1978, 3Ci has been connecting world-class companies with the people, processes, and technologies they need to propel meaningful growth. Whether you need one professional or a special task team, support on an existing project, or a fully outsourced solution, 3Ci is ready to deliver across the country and globally through international partners. For more information, visit

About Doozer
Doozer is one of the South’s most established and reputable software solutions firms. Founded in 1997, Doozer has 25 years of experience providing various solutions to get software done. Doozer services the entire spectrum of the Software Development Life Cycle. Whether a full outsourced project from inception to delivery or assistance in augmenting and expanding a team, Doozer delivers. For more information, visit

3Ci Named One of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the Nation for the Seventh Time in a Row

Recently, the National Association for Business Resources announced the winners for their 2021 Best and Brightest Companies To Work For in the Nation. 3Ci was awarded Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in the Nation and in Atlanta for the seventh time in a row.

The Best and Brightest Companies To Work For in the Nation is awarded to companies that deliver an exceptional commitment to empowering the lives of their employees

3Ci was among the 101 highest scoring national winning companies and the Elite awards were also awarded to the highest winning companies demonstrating exceptional innovative human resource practices and setting high standards for all businesses.

The Elite categories include: Compensation, Benefits and Employee Solutions; Employee Enrichment, Engagement, and Retention; Employee Education and Development; Recruitment, Selection and Orientation; Employee Achievement and Recognition; Communication and Shared Vision; Diversity and Inclusion; Work-Life Balance; Community Initiatives; Strategic Company Performance, and the Best of the Best: Small Business, Medium Business, and Large Business. With over 20 years of experience conducting the Best and Brightest competitions, the National Association for Business Resources (NABR) have identified numerous best Human Resource practices and provided benchmarking for companies that continue to be leaders in employment standards.

“Winning The Best and Brightest for the seventh time in a row is a big accomplishment for our organization. We continue to remain an employer of choice and strive to ensure that the wellbeing of our employees always comes first,” – Rob MacLane, 3Ci President

3Ci, An MAU Company, has been a leader in Technology Staffing and Technology Consulting for over 40 years. 3Ci is dedicated to building the business one relationship at a time and putting people first. Our goal is to help our clients find the best talent, guide our applicants to the best employer, and ultimately help our clients, employees and applicants succeed. In 2018, 3Ci was acquired by MAU Workforce Solutions to continue our mission of serving our clients, employees and applicants. Click here to learn more about 3Ci.

The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® competition identifies and honors organizations that display a commitment to excellence in operations and employee enrichment that lead to increased productivity and financial performance. This competition scores potential winners based on regional data of company performance and a set standard across the nation. This national program celebrates those companies that are making better business, creating richer lives, and building a stronger community as a whole. There are numerous regional celebrations throughout the country such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Houston, Milwaukee, San Diego, and San Francisco. Nominations are now being accepted for all programs.

3Ci Expands Services to Charlotte Market

3Ci, An MAU Company, is an Atlanta-based leader in Technology Staffing & Consulting delivering superior professional recruiting results and technology outsourcing services due to our specialized industry experience and market expertise. Since 1978, 3Ci has believed in placing the value of people and relationships above all else, and we plan to bring that same mentality to Charlotte, North Carolina.

3Ci will be represented by Corey West, our Director of Client Services, to support the booming technology market in Charlotte. Corey brings over two decades of experience providing technology recruiting and consulting with firms throughout the Charlotte region. He has supported firms ranging from large, international organizations to smaller boutique businesses. Corey takes great pride in his craft servicing his clients by listening and understanding their challenges and providing the very best solution possible.

3Ci is excited to expand its Charlotte services so we can share our extensive experience within the financial and utility industries. We are proud to work with several prominent banks in the area, and our expansion allows us to continue to support them.

“We are extremely excited to expand our services to the greater Charlotte area. While we have been serving Charlotte based clients for many years, we are committed to growing our footprint in the market by adding & relocating 3Ci staff to Charlotte, engaging in the community, and living out our mission of ‘Making Lives Better’” – Rob MacLane, 3Ci President

By expanding its geographic footprint, 3Ci is able to help companies reach their goals through our staffing and consulting services, like Custom Software Development and User Experience solutions.

3Ci, An MAU Company, has been a leader in Technology Staffing and Technology Consulting for over 40 years. 3Ci is dedicated to building the business one relationship at a time and putting people first. Our goal is to help our clients find the best talent, guide our applicants to the best employer, and ultimately help our clients, employees and applicants succeed. In 2018, 3Ci was acquired by MAU Workforce Solutions to continue our mission of serving our clients, employees and applicants. Click here to learn more about 3Ci.

Headquartered in Augusta, GA, since 1973, MAU Workforce Solutions is a family -and a minority-owned company offering better processes and better people to create efficiencies and greater profits for our clients. Our relationships with world-class companies, our training programs, and our family culture allow MAU to offer better results, better jobs, and better lives to those who work with us.

Whether it’s internal software, client-facing systems, or legacy applications and websites, making the decision to update your technology is a big one. Perhaps you’ve considered several off-the-shelf software packages, but none of them seem to meet your needs. Or, maybe you’re convinced that custom software development is the way to go but need some help convincing your team. 

Here are five reasons why custom software might be the right choice for your business.

It Enhances the User Experience
Ultimately, whatever you’re developing needs to be efficient and easy to use for end-users. Custom software allows you to consider their needs at every phase of the development process. Putting this kind of effort in upfront creates a major payoff down the road—increased adaptability, usage, and sustainable growth.

It Keeps You Adaptable
A custom software solution can scale based on the changing size and needs of your business. If ever there was a year that showed us the importance of adapting to the unpredictable, it was 2020. Custom software allows businesses to roll with the punches and meet the rapidly changing needs of their employees and customers.

It Targets Your Specific Needs
No business is the same, which makes off-the-shelf solutions all-too-often lacking. Custom software gives you access to the functionality and features that add true value to your business. Whether you’re looking to utilize the technology to differentiate your business or meet unique operational needs, a custom software solution gives you the power to make it happen.

It Offers More Security
With more and more of our infrastructure coming online, the need for cybersecurity has never been greater. Custom software is much harder to breach than a ready-to-use solution, keeping your valuable customer and employee data more secure. This offers companies more control and peace-of-mind.

It Fuels Business Growth
Custom software development is essential for businesses with outdated systems looking for ways to modernize and integrate existing processes. Making these changes will give your business a competitive edge, increase efficiency, and streamline operations. With the right approach, custom software development offers a quantifiable return on investment.

Is your tech team stretched thin? Need a partner to ensure cost-effective and timely delivery of software? Learn more about 3Ci’s custom software development solutions and how we can help you meet your goals.

We know there are plenty of companies out there to help you with business-critical solutions, enterprise digitization, and end-to-end cross-domain development. Here’s why you should choose the software development experts at 3Ci.


Whether we’re helping clients with their staffing, consulting, or technology needs, the 3Ci team is committed to putting people first. Our intention is for this blog to serve as an extension of that promise. To create the best possible experience for our readers, we take time at the end of each year to analyze our top-performing blog posts.

We separate blog content into a few key categories (Tech Staffing, Find a Tech Job, Leadership Tips, and TechCONNECT) and keep our readers informed on Industry 4.0, Change Management, UX Design, and Atlanta Tech News

Without further ado, here are 3Ci’s most popular blog posts from 2020. Continue reading “Good Riddance 2020: Our Top 10 Blog Posts This Year”

In the wake of the coronavirus, businesses are finding ways to adapt and move forward. Many are reevaluating their supply chain, looking for smarter ways to continue delivering value to their customers.

With digital dependency on the rise and the bandwidth of tech teams stretched thin, we’ve seen a growing number of businesses looking for additional talent and expertise to write much-needed software or applications.

To help our clients rapidly address these new challenges, 3Ci is now providing custom software development services. Whether you lack the bandwidth, the talent, or the specific skill set for your software development projects, we are here to help you fill in your gaps and succeed.

We know there are plenty of consulting companies out there to help you with business-critical solutions, enterprise digitization, or end-to-end cross-domain development. Here are a few reasons why you should choose 3Ci.

We Deliver Highly Experienced Talent
For your project to be a success, you need the right people. We use our innovative, award-winning Proven Process™️ to find and deploy the best tech team for your project. Some consulting firms make big promises upfront but fail to deliver experienced talent with the right skill set. At 3Ci, we cultivate strong relationships with applicants and use video interviews, technical evaluations, and behavioral assessments to ensure they’re the right fit for the development team.

We Offer a Domestic-Based Team
When you’re managing a major tech initiative, you deserve to know the project status every step of the way. By relying exclusively on tech talent located in the US, 3Ci’s software development solutions offer improved communication and increased productivity. In a time when instability and unknowns are the norms, it can be helpful to work with close, trusted, and onshore software development resources. We also provide a blended model with both onshore and offshore resources.

We Take a Collaborative Approach
We design our software development solutions around your specific pain points. Before we deploy a team of experts, we develop a deep understanding of your culture, requirements, and expectations. Based on those critical insights, we develop flexible, targeted solutions that rapidly address your needs.

We understand how much is on the line with your modernization and transformation efforts. Our team works closely by your side as partners to see the project through. We use an iterative development and project management approach to stay flexible around any changing requirements.

Are you looking for software development experts to help you revamp internal software, client-facing systems, or modernize and integrate legacy applications or websites? 3Ci is here to design a solution specifically for your business. Contact the software development experts at 3Ci to learn how we pull together highly skilled teams to help you meet critical business needs in a dynamic, ever-changing environment.

Learn how 3Ci partnered with one of the nation’s largest utility companies to architect, design, and develop a new enterprise management system by deploying 30 highly experienced tech consultants virtually. You can click below to download the case study.


To all Our Customers

What an unprecedented time we are all facing amidst the global coronavirus pandemic. As we do so, 3Ci, an MAU company, will care for the individual and unique needs within the communities and for the families we serve. It is a situation no one individual, family, business, or community is immune to. As such, I wanted to share how we are addressing the situation for all of our customers: Applicants, Clients, and Employees.

Before doing so, we share our thoughts and prayers with the individuals and families who have been directly affected by the virus. To those who are sick, we pray for a full recovery and restoration of health.

Continue reading “A Message to Our Customers”

On behalf of the entire 3Ci team, we hope this finds you safe and sound during this challenging time. “Business as usual” certainly looks a little different than usual these days. While those working in the tech space may be particularly well-suited to adjust to this new remote work reality, sudden change can be challenging.

Whether you’ve suddenly found yourself managing a remote team or need some advice on how to make working from home work for you, we got you covered. Here’s a roundup of the best resources we could find for the people who suddenly find themselves working remotely.

3Ci Header - Remote Work Resource Roundup_ What You Need to Work From Home Continue reading “Remote Work Resource Roundup: What You Need to Work From Home”

At 3Ci, we are so much more than an IT staffing and technical consulting company. We are committed to putting people first and changing lives. Our blog is an extension of that commitment. It’s a place where we share information, ideas, and insights to help our clients (and readers) succeed.

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Hoping to future-proof your tech company? Your leadership pipeline is a good place to start. Without a strong team of capable leaders, even the most innovative tech companies are at risk for failure.

The problem? Leadership is one of the top talent issue facing organizations around the world. To solve this growing challenge, it’s important to start from the ground up and build leaders at every level. Whether your company is big or small, empowering employees at every level to take the lead can pay off big in the long run.

Here are a few ways you can develop the next generation of leaders at your tech company.

Help Them Learn

Millennials, now the largest segment of the U.S. workforce, rank training and development as the #1 most valuable benefit an employer can provide. Rather than reinventing the wheel, take a note from top tech companies like Salesforce, Yelp, and Adobe who have all taken the time to build dynamic learning initiatives for next gen leaders. Consider launching an employee-to-employee learning program or adopt a growth mindset throughout your company. There are endless ways to empower your people to learn and grow.

Back Off a Bit

Easier said than done, but resist the urge to keep a death grip on all projects. When it comes to empowering every employee to become a leader, there’s really no need to micromanage. One of the most important gifts you can give your team is trusting them to make the best possible decisions. Of course, reinforce the fact that you’re around for questions or to act as a sounding board, but ultimately, they hold the reigns.

Set Clear Expectations

Of course, before you let these leaders of the future run wild, you’ll need to clearly communicate expectations. Your team should have a clear understanding of when it’s time to take the lead and when additional oversight is needed. Write these expectations down, discuss them with your team, and gain buy-in before any work begins. Leaders must be held accountable, and the same goes for your leaders-to-be.

Encourage Self Awareness

Leadership style varies from person to person, and it’s important for your future leaders to identify what works for them. Give your team the time to explore their specific strengths, opportunities for growth, personality quirks, and communication styles. This will not only help your future leaders learn more about themselves, but also the people around them and how to best manage relationships moving forward.

Want to attract and retain top talent? Make sure that developing leaders at every level is a strategic imperative. If you need help finding the future leaders of your tech company, we can help! Get in touch with our team of talent experts today.

The technology job market is hotter than it’s ever been in the Peach State. From cybersecurity to cloud computing, database management to UX, the possibilities are endless for Georgia’s techies. The catch? Thanks to Georgia Tech and other schools in our state, the IT talent pool is fierce.

At 3Ci, we review dozens of resumes every day. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here are our top five resume tips to help you stand out from the sea of of competition and land your dream tech job in Georgia.

Make it Appropriate Length

The optimal length of your resume should depend on your experience. If you only have one year of experience and a four-page resume, you’re in trouble. The same goes if you have ten years of experience and a one-page resume. As a general rule of thumb, be concise and do your best to fit your resume into three pages.

Ditch the General Summaries

As you’re creating or updating your resume, opt for technical summaries over general ones. Technical summaries are helpful because the first person reading your resume is probably going to be a non-technical HR professional or recruiter. It’s very likely that this person will only be looking for keywords (but don’t let that be your greenlight to include a laundry list of every technology you’ve ever heard about!). Hiring managers want to know what you’ve done specifically, so only highlight the technologies that you’ve been hands-on with.

Describe Your Best Work

For each position you’ve held, give a brief synopsis of your responsibilities and describe how your performance benefited the company. Professional accomplishments are most powerful when they’ve made a measurable impact, so do your best to include actual performance figures. Focus on your most impressive and applicable projects and accomplishments.To land a tech job in Georgia, you’ll need to bring your A game. 

Create a Versatile Resume Template

It can be valuable to have more than one version of your resume. For example, if you’re applying to manager or individual contributor positions, you don’t want to scare someone off with a heavy manager resume for a contributor role (or vice versa). You also don’t need to drive yourself crazy by writing new resumes for every position that you apply for. Develop a solid resume template and make minor tweaks if necessary.

Keep Your Grammar In Check

No matter how technical the job you’re applying for, quality writing, grammar, and punctuation still matter. Long-winded paragraphs or bullets are mind numbing, but short, choppy sentences can appear overly simplistic. The ideal resume should have a combination of short paragraphs and bullets. Know that misspellings and grammatical errors will get your resume tossed into the trash heap.

Have questions about these tips? Need help finding a tech job in Georgia? We can help! Check out our always up-to-date job board right here and apply today.


With the U.S. unemployment rate at a record low, hiring competition is fierce and HR teams are scrambling to attract top talent. To gain an edge, companies are searching for the best job perks that they can offer to better attract (and retain) top talent.

Over the last decade, employees’ preferences have rapidly evolved. The best companies are shifting the job benefits they offer to keep up. While these perks aren’t the only way to attract the best employees, most candidates will strongly consider benefits before accepting a job offer.

Open dog policies and ping pong tables aren’t likely to inspire your ideal candidate to sign on the dotted line. To help you win the best talent, we’ve rounded up the top three job perks that the modern workforce truly cares about.

More Flexibility

60% of millennials are predicted to leave their company by the year 2020. What are they looking for in their next job? A better work-life balance. This can come in many forms, but companies offering flexible hours can be incredibly attractive to these health and happiness seekers. In fact, a recent survey found that 88% of workers in the US would give “some or heavy consideration to a job offering flexible work hours.” If this isn’t an option, you could also consider allowing your employees to work from home, a job perk that continues to explode in popularity.

Unlimited Vacation Time

Who doesn’t love a good vacation? Unfortunately, many of today’s organizations are facing high losses due to vacation liability. One solution that is currently gaining steam in the corporate world is to offer employees unlimited vacation time. This can help you attract qualified candidates in a number of ways: it shows you trust your employees to manage their own work and that you are sympathetic to the fact that they need time to recharge. As an added bonus, offering unlimited vacation time can save you $1,898 per employee. This job perk is a win-win for the employee and employer.  

Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Offering health insurance helps you attract more qualified candidates because the majority of today’s workforce consider this to be the most important benefit of all. While health insurance can be expensive for employers, taking care of your employees will help them stay engaged and put their best work forward. The connections between engagement and performance is undeniable, so creating a wellness-focused workplace can certainly pay off.

Today’s workforce wants to be seen as more than a workforce. They want to be recognized as individuals and cared for by their employers.

Of course, job perks aren’t the only way to attract top talent. If you’re looking for support in this area, we would love to help! Learn more about 3Ci’s strategic staffing solutions or get in touch with our team today.