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    Whether you’re trying to find the best candidate, or looking for a job, 3Ci is the answer. While most staffing agencies send dozens of candidates for the job, we do the heavy lifting for you through our proven process of technical evaluations, video interviews, and more to save you countless time and make the hiring process simple!

    Less is more.

    Finding the right fit means better interviews, not more interviews.

    While many traditional agencies give in to the temptation of amassing stacks of resumes to throw at any open position, we take pride in building relationships with both our applicants and partners, to ensure your qualifications, culture, and mission match up perfectly.


    What would it feel like to have a partner?


    • Develops a deep understanding of your culture, requirements, and expectations for the new hire.
    • Sends short list of qualified candidates.
    • Cultivates a strong relationship with applicants before you need them, so we know who we’re sending you.
    • Creates video interviews, and technical evaluations, so you spend less time looking at resumes and quickly get to know candidates and reduce the time it takes to hire.
    • Is in it for the long haul. We want to be your first choice for the next time you hire.

    Traditional Staffing Agencies

    • Asks only for the specific requirements of the position they need to fill.
    • Sends large volume of resumes, for you to qualify and evaluate.
    • Receives large stacks of resumes through online forms, then passes them to you based on keyword matches.
    • Frequently sends unqualified applicants.
    • Is looking to execute this transaction and hope for a good outcome.

    Finding the fit.

    Taking the critical time to build relationships to find the right fit both ways

    Whether it’s touring your business, in-person meetings with your hiring team, or remote interviews, we do what it takes to get the information and context we need to find the right fit. By carefully taking note of your organization’s unique advantages, we can provide the help you need to deliver solutions for your organization’s hiring goals.

    “My experience in partnering with 3Ci has been outstanding.  Their approach in understanding business challenges and delivering custom technology solutions to help my teams hit their goals is unmatched.  I’ve leaned on 3Ci for advisory services and finding top technology talent for several years while I was at QTS.  Their delivery platform makes engaging extremely easy and has saved my team significant time and money.   They put the needs of their customers and consultants first and it shows.  I highly recommend 3Ci and look forward to a continued partnership with them.”

    - John Trigg, VP of Product at QTS