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    Using time tested methodologies, we can help your organization stay nimble and efficient, undergoing pivotal transformations without losing momentum. With our specialties in helping employees adopt replatforming, major IT initiatives, and Agile Methodologies, we are particularly well suited to help with your Organizational Readiness initiatives.

    While the ramifications of change can seem intimidating, don’t let it keep you away from modernizing your business. Organizational Change Management can ensure that any shift in your business’s operating procedure won’t go to waste. Though your HR and IT teams might devise plans for how the change will take place throughout the different elements of your organization, there is significant evidence showing that it often doesn’t see the adoption rates it needs to subside. That’s where 3Ci comes in.

    Our certified, Prosci® Organizational Change Management approach

    1. Awareness (Training plan, communications)
    2. Desire for the new process (use it appropriately, ROI)
    3. Knowledge (New policy, updating policy, help center etc)
    4. Ability (can use it effectively)
    5. Reinforcement (continue to use it, can’t fall back to the old ways)

    3Ci is certified to use the Prosci ADKAR model, to help plan change management activities, give your leaders the tools to facilitate change, and support your employees throughout the process. With a leadership team rooted in methodology, our process is designed to handle any situation, but is specially equipped to handle technology and platform modernizations.

    If you’re going through a substantial transition, we want to be there to help you succeed. If you’d like to learn more about how we can apply this process to your business, we'd love to connect!