Sherry Bergmark

Office & Sales Support Administrator

Sherry Bergmark intro video

Sherry grew up in Tucson, Arizona, but got to Atlanta, Georgia as soon as she could!  She attended college at the University of Arizona intending to degree in Fine Arts – Theater.  This turned into set design, then commercial interior design at Drexel University.  Ultimately, though she pursued stage management which then turned naturally into corporate administration.  It’s the same thing.  Support of a team or corporate executive requires balancing skills and coordination, keeping on top of lists of to-dos, and having a sense of peace and humor.  She has overseen a complete remodeling of two corporate offices, assisted in the design of a contractor portal for annual OSHA reporting, handled trainings for an international engineering practice, and managed logistics for her husband’s monthly angel investor forum, tracking multiple presenting companies to fruition.  These are the skills she has brought to 3Ci-MAU.  She homeschooled two children who are now a practicing aerospace engineer, and a blossoming actor/director.  She is a passionately passive gardener, and has determinedly learned about growing things in 5 different zones in the U.S.  Stay tuned for peonies.