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    We build powerful and scalable solutions to fuel your business growth. Internal software, client-facing systems, modernizing and integrating legacy applications or websites — we develop solutions designed specifically for your business. Our custom software development services encompass enterprise digitalization, business-critical solutions, and end-to-end cross-domain development.

    3Ci is committed to transparency for all phases of software development engagements. This includes all documentation, technical artifacts, source code, and any other work in progress. It also includes access to project tracking systems and defect management systems. The intent is for 3Ci to act as a de facto extension of your staff for the duration of the project. Strong requirements and design phases of a project are the best leading indicators of software project success. 3Ci will partner with your SMEs to obtain clear business requirements.

    3Ci follows an “agile” methodology with two-week sprints and brief daily 3Ci “standup” progress discussions. These biweekly sprints are to demonstrate progress, plan the following two-week “sprint” work on features, and make planning adjustments approved by your SME. While 3Ci does the most detailed planning before each two-week sprint, an overall project plan with periodic sprint milestones will be developed before the software development phase of the project begins.

    3Ci will start “prototyping” deliverables during any project initiation. A “prototype” is not necessarily working code but is done to facilitate the requirements and design process. 3Ci will remain open to changing requirements at your discretion. This is important because additional value-add features typically become apparent during the project.

    3Ci’s technology selections are based solely on the intersection of your needs and 3Ci’s capabilities. All chosen technologies will be well-established technologies that bias the project towards cost-effective and timely delivery of the software. 3Ci will ensure that all applications are well-optimized and will design the infrastructure to optimize performance.