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Our value extends far beyond a deliverable. We earn long-term partnerships because our commitment to transparency and visibility is unmatched. High-touch communication and value-based billing give clients the clarity and control they deserve. We truly want you to succeed, even after our work together ends. That’s why, at the end of every project, we offer clients the opportunity to retain talent and protect their valuable IP.

Value-Based Billing
Build-Operate-Transfer Model

Where We Excel

Custom Software Development

Whether you need to revamp, modernize, or integrate internal software, client-facing systems, legacy applications, or websites, 3Ci will collaborate with your team to develop flexible, targeted solutions that address your needs and make an immediate impact.

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Application Modernization

3Ci’s application modernization services offer expertise, methods, tools, and end-to-end solutions to determine the right strategy based on your portfolio to containerize and modernize legacy applications to modern cloud and hybrid-cloud environments to propel your business forward.

3Ci DevOps services enable formerly siloed roles — development, IT operations, quality engineering, and security — to coordinate and collaborate to produce better, more reliable products.

Cloud Migration
3Ci’s Cloud migration service facilitates the moving of applications and data from one location, often a company’s private, on-site (“on-premises”) servers to a public cloud provider’s servers, or between different cloud providers.

Experience Design

3Ci designs digital products tailored to the way humans think and interact with technology. Our team creates applications that users enjoy while integrating perfectly into your software development process, from design to prototyping to product validation.

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Solution Architecture
3Ci Solution Architecture service sets the ground for software development projects by tailoring IT solutions to specific business needs and defining their functional requirements and stages of implementation.

Organizational Change Management

Successful organizational change comes down to two key factors: process and people. Using time-tested methodologies, 3Ci guides clients through pivotal transformations and business modernizations while staying nimble and efficient.

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Program/Project Management

3Ci approaches Program and Project Management (PPM)—inclusive of Agile Transformation—to ensure the success of your projects while driving value creation. Our Program/Project Management engages with your business to design programs, execute critical initiatives, optimize portfolios, and build project delivery capability.

End-to-end custom solutions, endless possibilities

Digital transformation continues to accelerate. To drive results, you need a partner ready to step in and deliver value at any phase of your journey. 3Ci combines deep knowledge in technology, business, and project management to create complete experiences that drive project and organizational success. Whether you’re looking for specific subject matter expertise or end-to-end project planning, solution design, and implementation, 3Ci is ready to deliver on time and within budget.