Hubbell Eliminates Waste and Creates Efficiency with Recruitment Process Outsourcing Model

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The client had experienced significant business growth through acquisition. Through the merging of these multiple companies and cultures, they experienced difficulty in creating a recruiting process.


3Ci’s client is a supplier of manufactured products to the power utility industry. The client had experienced significant business growth through acquisition activity. Through the merging of these multiple companies and cultures, it became increasingly difficult to gain cross-company alignment in the recruiting process. Consequently, a need developed to standardize and continuously improve recruiting processes for the client, while utilizing a qualityefficient and cost effective approach to talent acquisition.

The Challenge

While company growth was very positive, it created several challenges in regards to recruiting. Both the recruiting and hiring processes were not standardized nor defined. Similarly, the recruiting resources were variable and unclear. There were few metrics in place to measure success and there was a lack of shared vision for position requirements and organizational fit. Prior to partnering with 3Ci, the client received limited support from its internal recruiting team and relied heavily on external recruiters, which significantly increased the cost of recruiting (i.e., placement fees and client stakeholder involvement in the process).


3Ci created a customized RPO model for the client, including hiring and placement processes for external exempt and nonexempt employees. 3Ci and the client partnered to implement a standardized, yet scalable solution with top management for cross functional buy-in, open communication and ongoing process improvement. This model introduced a single 3Ci point of contact to manage all recruiting processes for the multiple client sites across the United States. This contact had ownership of requisition management, candidate sourcing and qualification, as well as applicant tracking and other back-office processes. By implementing this customized RPO model, the client was able to eliminate waste through standardized processes and seamless delivery.

Furthermore, 3Ci introduced multiple RPO tools and recruiting metrics to drive process efficiency. One example of the tools implemented was a standardized Candidate Submittal Form, which allowed 3Ci to summarize each candidate’s education, work experience and overall fit. This tool minimized a hiring manager’s time spent reviewing candidates. Other tools used include:

• Web-Based Transparency
• Position Qualification Meetings
• Customer Surveys
• Post Interview Assessment Meetings

By partnering with 3Ci, the client gained a standardized, scalable and cost effective recruiting model resulting in increased process efficiency and lower cost per hire. In addition, the integration of new acquisitions is now seamless. The client is now able to better focus on their core competency: manufacturing quality products for the power utility industry.