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    Combining Business Intelligence with Custom Dashboards

    Running multiple mission-critical information in real time is complex and challenging. With our custom dashboards however, you constantly monitor all data points and ongoing project statuses, and set priorities. By prioritizing your critical items, we can help you track all projects and crucial systems in real time.

    We understand the importance that your mission-critical items deserve, which is why a real time, custom dashboard matters. Without real-time monitoring, you will always be making decisions without up-to-date knowledge and can’t measure the immediate impact of unforeseen circumstances when they arise. Without a custom-designed dashboard, the hassle of sorting through data points undermines the efficiency of having a dashboard in the first place.

    That’s where 3Ci comes in. By leveraging business intelligence, we create a custom dashboard that real time monitors the critical items. We recommend it when there are multiple mission-critical activities/projects happening, multiple locations, or when it’s important for the leadership team to know exactly what's happening now.