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    Top Atlanta Tech News [September Edition]

    3Ci Weekly Tech Minute is a weekly installment of Atlanta’s top tech news. Hosted by one of Atlanta’s own tech experts, Titania Jordan, the Weekly Tech Minute is where our city’s tech leaders and enthusiasts turn to receive up-to-date stories about Atlanta’s buzzing tech scene.

    Atlanta’s tech scene is on fire! Check out all of our city’s top #tech stories from September. #chooseATL Social Media Icons - Twitter

    Top Tech Stories

    All the Buzz about the New iPhone
    According to CNN, the “new iPhone’s ‘trypophobic’ design disturbs people with a fear of holes.” The Pro and Pro Max iPhones feature three camera lenses that could trigger an intense, irrational fear of small holes and clusters of circles. Get the full story.

    Quantum Lock
    Quantum physics could unlock your hotel room the next time you travel. Erica Grant, a University of Tennessee-Knoxville Phd student figured out a way to use light particles to communicate between the lock and a guest’s smartphone. Get the full story.

    Cities at Risk of Cyber Attacks
    The more connected a city is, the more it may be vulnerable to cyber attacks. According to James Rundle of the Wall Street Journal, there are several weak points that cities may need to consider increasing security efforts for. Get the full story.

    Atlanta Funding News

    Co-warehousing startup, Saltbox, has closed on about $3 million in seed funding led by Village Global, the early-stage venture fund backed by tech entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Reid Hoffman, Marissa Mayer, and Mark Zuckerberg. Saltbox has flexible short-term lease terms that allow entrepreneurs to pay on a month-to-month basis.

    Atlanta Tech Scene

    MARTA Invests in Atlanta Businesses
    According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the city of Atlanta and MARTA cut the ribbon recently on a pilot business incubator that houses eight businesses inside re-purposed shipping  containers. MARTA’s general manager and CEO Jeffrey Parker believes it is important to develop communities and help startup companies establish themselves within those communities. Get the full story.

    Atlanta Tech Village Hosted Women + Tech Meetup
    On September 11th, the Atlanta Tech Village hosted its monthly Women + Tech Meetup. The overall goal for the event is to make Atlanta the number one place for “women in tech.” Get the full story.

    Atlanta Startup Village
    The Atlanta Tech Village hosted the Atlanta Startup on September 30th. The event allowed a select group of new or emerging startups to pitch their businesses, with time to discuss roadblocks, opportunities, and get feedback.

    Companies on the Move

    Curiosity Lab
    Curiosity Lab, a 5G-enabled autonomous vehicle test track and smart city ‘living laboratory’ opened a location right outside metro Atlanta. The city of Atlanta and a $5 million investment from Georgia Tech and Sprint made the move for Curiosity Lab possible. Get the full story.

    The VOID
    According to the Atlanta Inno, the VOID, a location-based virtual reality experience company founded in Utah, has opened its first Atlanta location at The Battery at SunTrust Park. The new space combines VR with physical stages and multi-sensory effects, including touch and smell.

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