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    Looking to Hire BuiltTech Talent? Read This First

    To win in the $30 Trillion BuiltTech market, you’ll need to invest in innovation by developing your pipeline. Here's how to find, attract, and hire BuiltTech talent to reach you strategic goals and ob

    Hiring Tech Talent? Look for These Soft Skills

    Looking to grow your tech team? An ideal hire will need more than technical skills alone. Here are the most important soft skills for techies and how to vet for each.

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    Here’s How to Build a Winning Remote Tech Team

    Virtual work is a natural fit for the tech industry, but building a remote tech team comes with its own unique challenges. Here’s how to ensure you’re hiring and retaining the most talented employees,

    Behind-the-Scenes of BuiltTech With Atlanta’s K.P. Reddy

    Go behind-the-scenes with Atlanta's K.P. Reddy and learn how he's tackling the $30 trillion BuiltTech market opportunity.

    How to Find (& Hire) the Best IT Talent in Atlanta

    Looking to hire top IT Talent in Atlanta? Here are five tips to help you attract and vet the most qualified, high-tech candidates for your IT department.

    Looking for Top Tech Talent? Here’s Our Proven 7-Step Formula

    Hiring top tech talent in Atlanta doesn’t have to be a headache. Leverage 3Ci’s proven, 7-step process and find the most qualified tech talent for you organization.