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    7 Networking Tips from Experts at Google

    Experts at Google share 7 networking tips that will help you navigate your next networking event like a pro.
    3Ci Header - Cooper Harris Interview

    Behind-the-Scenes With Female Tech Powerhouse, Cooper Harris

    3Ci’s Titania Jordan sits down with Cooper Harris to discuss Klickly, fintech, and the Atlanta tech scene.

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    3Ci Header - Why Most Organizational Change Initiatives Fail

    Why Most Organizational Change Initiatives Fail

    The majority of organizational change initiatives fail. Here’s how IT leaders can ensure successful adoption of new technology.
    daily acts of gratitude blog image

    Three Simple Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Team

    Expressing appreciation and gratitude to your team should be a daily practice. Here are three ways to channel the spirit of Thanksgiving all year long.
    3Ci Header - Laurie Dhue Interview

    AMA with Laurie Dhue: Addiction, Recovery, and Renewal

    In this episode of TechCONNECT, Titania Jordan of 3Ci goes behind-the-scenes with Laurie Dhue, the only female to anchor three major television networks.
    3Ci Header - Kunbi Tinuoye Interview

    Innovation and Diversity In a Global Technology Landscape

    Titania Jordan of 3Ci sits down with CEO and Founder of, Kunbi Tinuoye, to talk tech, innovation, and diversity.
    3Ci Header - Jeff Hilimire Interview (1)

    How to Reach for the Stars While Maintaining Your Sanity

    Get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at Atlanta’s Jeff Hilimire, CEO of Dragon Army and Co-founder of 48in48.
    3Ci Header - Steve Chamberlain Interview (1)

    The Heart Won’t Lie: A Conversation With Steve Chamberlain

    Get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at Steve Chamberlain’s epic 40+ year career in journalism, entertainment, and investing.
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    How to Manage a Large Team With a Global Impact [A Conversation With Turner's Ben Plummer]

    How do you manage rapid change, high stress, and team culture as a tech leader? We sat down with Ben Plummer to find out.

    Here’s How to Avoid Making a Bad Hiring Decision

    The cost of a bad hire goes far beyond the time and resources it will take to find a replacement. Here are just a few examples of the additional costs associated with making a bad hiring decision.