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    Transform Your Workforce, Revolutionize Your Business [Part 10]

    Transform Your Workforce, Revolutionize Your Business [Part 10]

    Ready to revolutionize your business? It starts with transforming your workforce, and we’re showing you how in the final installment of this 10-part series.
    Why Outsourcing Maintenance is a Smart Choice for Manufacturers [Part 9]

    Why Outsourcing Maintenance is a Smart Choice for Manufacturers [Part 9]

    Here’s how manufacturers can shift their view of maintenance and determine whether outsourcing would be a strategic business move.

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    Top Tech Trends in the Utilities Industry

    Looking to stay ahead of digital transformation in the utility industry? Here are four tech trends utility companies are embracing now.

    3 Outsourcing Strategies for Manufacturers to Consider [Part 8]

    Learn about the benefits of outsourcing specialty projects like pilot programs, ramp-up and ramp-down programs, and absenteeism-pool programs.

    Why It’s Time to Outsource Your Recruiting [Part 7]

    Outsourcing your recruiting (or your entire employment function) can help you reach the next level of business transformation. Here’s how.

    A Real-World Example of Successful Workforce Transformation [Part 6]

    Here’s how one manufacturing company future-proofed their business by reimagining their approach to core and noncore business processes.
    Transformation Begins With a Single Step

    Step into the Future With a Strategic Approach to Your Workforce [Part 5]

    Ready to pursue a better business model? Get started with step-by-step instructions on how to adopt a more strategic approach to your workforce.

    Full-Time vs. Temp-to-Perm Staffing: Which is Right for Your Business? [Part 4]

    Future-proofing your business starts with workforce transformation. Learn how to utilize temporary staffing to gain a competitive advantage.
    How Utilities Can Win Top Tech Talent

    Utilities: Now is the Time to Win Top Tech Talent

    Here’s how utility companies can respond to the “new normal” in the labor market to win Industry 4.0 tech talent.

    Industry 4.0 Stats Every Tech Leader Needs to Know

    Leading a company through major digital transformation? Here are 20 Industry 4.0 statistics that will help you succeed.