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    The Best Approach to Change Management (According to the Experts)

    Learn how you can support successful change initiatives within your organization using the Prosci ADKAR Model.

    How 3Ci Helped a Leading Utility Company Develop an OCM Practice

    Using the Prosci ADKAR model and 20 years of Organizational Change Management expertise, 3Ci helped this leading utility company thrive through transformation.

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    3Ci Header - Why Most Organizational Change Initiatives Fail

    Why Most Organizational Change Initiatives Fail

    The majority of organizational change initiatives fail. Here’s how IT leaders can ensure successful adoption of new technology.
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    Three Simple Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Team

    Expressing appreciation and gratitude to your team should be a daily practice. Here are three ways to channel the spirit of Thanksgiving all year long.

    The Secret Behind Employee Burnout (And How to Prevent It)

    Facing employee burnout and high turnover? Most employee retention problems are conative. Here's what that means and how to fix it fast.

    Does Agile Methodology Make Sense For Your Business?

    Businesses are adopting an agile mindset to transform the way they approach projects of all shapes and sizes. Here are four situations where the Agile methodology might be the best approach for your b