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    5 Reasons Why Custom Software Development Matters for Businesses

    Debating between off-the-shelf and custom software development solutions? Here’s why custom software might be the right choice for your business.
    3Ci's Top 10 Blog Posts This Year

    Good Riddance 2020: Our Top 10 Blog Posts This Year

    Here are the tech staffing and leadership insights you found most helpful during an unprecedented year in business.

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    Introducing 3Ci’s Software Development Solutions

    How Our Software Development Solutions Are Helping Teams Succeed in the New Normal

    Learn how 3Ci deploys highly skilled software development teams to help businesses succeed in a dynamic, ever-changing environment.

    A Message to Our Customers

    Rob MacLane, President of 3Ci, shares how we are addressing the coronavirus pandemic with all of our customers: Applicants, Clients, and Employees.

    Remote Work Resource Roundup: What You Need to Work From Home

    Stay sane and productive working from home during COVID-19 with this roundup of remote work resources.

    3Ci’s Most Popular Blog Posts of All Time

    At 3Ci, we are committed to putting people first, and our blog is an extension of that commitment. Here are the posts that help our readers the most.

    How Tech Companies can Build Leaders at Every Level

    Hoping to future-proof your tech company? Your leadership pipeline is a good place to start. Without a strong team of capable leaders, even the most innovative tech companies are at risk for failure.

    Looking for a Tech Job in Georgia? Here’s How to Prep Your Resume

    The technology job market is hotter than it’s ever been in the Peach State. From cybersecurity to cloud computing, database management to UX, the possibilities are endless for Georgia’s techies. The catch? Thanks to Georgia Tech and other schools in our state, the IT talent pool is fierce.

    Attract Top Talent With These 3 Job Perks

    With the U.S. unemployment rate at a record low, hiring competition is fierce and HR teams are scrambling to attract top talent. To gain an edge, companies are searching for the best job perks that they can offer to better attract (and retain) top talent.

    What’s Next for 3Ci? Behind-the-Scenes With President Rob MacLane

    3Ci was recently acquired by MAU Workforce Solutions, an independent, family-owned company with more than 40 years of experience connecting qualified candidates to companies that need them. To give yo