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    Upskill During Lockdown With These Tech Classes

    There has never been a better time to advance and diversify your tech skills. Here are the best online tech classes you should consider.

    [TechCONNECT] Atlanta Tech News Roundup | June 2020

    From finding funding during COVID-19 to sending a water-seeking robot to the moon, stay informed on the latest Atlanta tech news right here.

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    Workforce Transformation is the Key to Future-Proofing Your Business [Part 1]

    In this 10-part master class series, MAU president Randy Hatcher shares his expert insight on how to future-proof your business.

    6 Essential Tips for Managing Remote Tech Teams

    Here’s how tech team leaders can rally the troops and stay productive while managing a tech team remotely.

    [TechCONNECT] Atlanta Tech News Roundup | May 2020

    Whether you’re looking to hire tech professionals or find a job in tech, 3Ci’s TechCONNECT can help you stay connected.

    Ace Your Next Video Interview With These 3 Strategies

    With video interviews rising in popularity, it’s important to know exactly how to prepare for a successful video interview.

    Some Inspiration for the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

    3Ci sits down with Guy Juzang, founder of award-winning aerospace engineering company, Infinity Technology.

    Hiring Tech Talent During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Now is the time to build your tech team. Here’s why and how you can use a virtual hiring process to make it happen.

    Talent Spotlight Series: Meet Senior QA Specialist, Faith

    As part of 3Ci’s Talent Spotlight Series, we’re taking you behind-the-scenes with Senior QA Specialist, Faith.

    [TechCONNECT] Atlanta Tech News Roundup | April 2020

    Get all of the latest Atlanta tech news and see how the Atlanta tech community is rising up to respond to COVID-19.