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    Hiring UX Design Talent? Here Are 5 Qualities to Look For

    Looking to build out a UX design team? Before you start hiring UX design talent, read this first!
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    The True Cost of Hiring the Wrong Person

    Think you’ve made a poor hiring decision? Here’s what hiring the wrong person could mean for your bottom line.

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    How Tech Companies can Build Leaders at Every Level

    Hoping to future-proof your tech company? Your leadership pipeline is a good place to start. Without a strong team of capable leaders, even the most innovative tech companies are at risk for failure.

    Looking for a Tech Job in Georgia? Here’s How to Prep Your Resume

    The technology job market is hotter than it’s ever been in the Peach State. From cybersecurity to cloud computing, database management to UX, the possibilities are endless for Georgia’s techies. The catch? Thanks to Georgia Tech and other schools in our state, the IT talent pool is fierce.

    Attract Top Talent With These 3 Job Perks

    With the U.S. unemployment rate at a record low, hiring competition is fierce and HR teams are scrambling to attract top talent. To gain an edge, companies are searching for the best job perks that they can offer to better attract (and retain) top talent.

    Heading to a Tech Job Interview? 5 Smart Ways to Prepare

    Before you head into a tech job interview, it’s important to be prepared so you can put your best foot forward. Here are five things you should keep in mind before the interview to land the tech job o

    Here’s How to Avoid Making a Bad Hiring Decision

    The cost of a bad hire goes far beyond the time and resources it will take to find a replacement. Here are just a few examples of the additional costs associated with making a bad hiring decision.

    How to Use the Kolbe A Index to Build Your Dream Team

    The Kolbe A Index is an assessment that uncovers natural strengths and innate abilities. The most effective organizations around the world are using it to hire, retain, and organize highly effective t

    Project Based Consulting Vs Staff Augmentation: Which is Right For You?

    Need help getting the job done? In this blog post, we will help organizations like yours make an informed decision between talent augmentation and project based consulting.

    Looking to Hire BuiltTech Talent? Read This First

    To win in the $30 Trillion BuiltTech market, you’ll need to invest in innovation by developing your pipeline. Here's how to find, attract, and hire BuiltTech talent to reach you strategic goals and ob